What we have to offer

Professional personal training available in the Ottawa region at your own home; equipment supplied to meet progressive resistance training needs. Family plans available to those looking to take advantage of lower costs.
We provide a full spectrum of on-line fitness advice to clients around the world; including tailored fitness routines, diet and nutrition planning, supplement guidance, sport-specific routines, and on-going support with prompt response times.
A top priority in providing ongoing support to all clients; with the intention of maintaining and/or building upon one’s general health and wellness.

Your direction in training

The most common need is for those who are looking to increase their level of fitness as part of a lifestyle. This can also be initiated by having a plan with a timetable (example; to look one’s best for a wedding) and extending the knowledge gained into their lifestyle.
For those looking to gain an edge in their sport a custom tailored plan is made to further develop one’s physical performance; the experience of working with some of Canada’s best athletes provide the knowledge in executing these goals effectively.
Physique and Bodybuilding training are available to those interested in pursuing a higher level of involvement in the sport whether it be for personal achievement or a competitive approach; the training will consist of knowledge drawn from multiple reputable sources and led by Thomas W-Martin who has 10 years weight-training experience in addition to being involved and maintaining a very current level of knowledge in the industry.


Contact Information for Thomas W-Martin (Founder):

  • Phone; (Local; Ottawa, ON, Canada): 1-613-322-7911
  • E-mail; stratixfitness@gmail.com
  • Skype name; StratixFitness